Student Housing Life in Brisbane, Australia

Are you a University student having an awful experience of living in tiny and dirty suburb miles away from your campus in Brisbane? Or have you been suffering for the wad of cash wasted on a room that’s not worth every penny? If yes, it’s time for you to look for cheap student accommodation that will satisfy your stay and your pocket.


Student Housing in Australia


An Australia student housing can offer three establishments for both local and international students. These are Halls of Residence, Homestays, and Private Rentals.


Halls of Residence in Brisbane


It is typically found in the campus for better convenience and safety of the students. Because it’s inside the school perimeters, the school is held liable for their security measures—an important thing to consider in living. Thus, the academe will be obliged to do whatever they can to protect the welfare of the students despite their cheap student accommodation offer.


Universities in Brisbane are typically picturesque. With student-friendly ambiences, your school life will be any less than boring. From the lush outdoor trees fronting your sleeping space and complete academic resources, it will be a therapeutic experience to go to school while living in the school.


Also, having a roommate will help you adjust in no time!


Homestay in Brisbane


Staying in a local family home who open up their arms, doors and windows to students looking for a temporary abode is a good choice. If you’re planning to be a foreign exchange student and wishes to live in a house set-up, this is for you.


You will have friendly hosts fitting to the standards of quality homestay in Australia. Not only can you live under a roof and get good homemade mom food every dinner, but you can also feel that the nostalgic warmth of family time back in your home country.


It is also a cheap student accommodation with welcoming people that could be your potential support system in your foreign exchange student life. You, as a guest will be treated like family.


Private Rentals


If you want to live alone, there are flats and houses for rent around Brisbane. With luck and a little nice chit-chat with the landlord or lady, you can find affordable student accommodation close to or a bit far from your school.


While private rentals depend on availability, there are also living establishments build solely for students. Try to check a South Bank University accommodation such as Student One for individual or shared rooms.


You can find more student-friendly buildings to stay in Brisbane. Australia, known as one of the world’s best country to get an education has prepped Brisbane, its third-ranked city in terms of population. Their aim is to level up the game in education—not only just revolving around books and paperwork but also cultural and environmental immersion and appreciation.


Meanwhile, if you’re planning to study in Australia, you need to get accepted first in your university of choice and claim your Letter of Offer to sign and return it. Afterwards, you will get your Certification of Enrollment (CoE) and then you will be required to apply for a Student VISA.


When all goes well, enjoy your student life in Australia! For more details, visit at