How to Repair Canon Inkjet Printers

Canon inkjet printers are generally cheaper and simpler in construction. However, they still have a fairly large number of parts along with various print problems to make repairs worthwhile. There are various points of failures that can completely cripple your printing operations thus necessitating the need to invest in professional Canon inkjet printer repairs.

canon inkjet printer repairs
canon inkjet printer repairs

The most common type of failure in inkjet printers is that of clogged print heads. The issue with these is that they are generally very difficult to clean unless you have a little expertise in handling their tiny nozzles. If you don’t, this is the best left to expert Canon inkjet printer repairs professionals. There are various steps that are generally taken in order to attempt and rectify issues with the print heads. The first is generally the use of the self-cleaning routine.

This varies from one printer manufacturer to another, but you will generally find it in the Printer Properties. Check out for tips on how this can be accomplished.  If the self-cleaning routine is not working, then the print heads must be removed and carefully wiped clean with alcohol. Extra care must be taken when doing this. After cleaning, avoid touching the print heads as this might reduce dirt which will continue hindering proper printing. If all that fails to realize any positive result, then your Canon inkjet printer repairs technicians will have to replace the print heads. Check out Gom

The cheaper inkjet models generally have a print head attached to the cartridge. So if there are issues, you can simply buy a low-cost cartridge in order to fix the problem. Other models may not have this kind of flexibility and since it is quite expensive to buy a new print head, owners are better off buying new printers. You can always contact a professional Canon inkjet printer repairs professional to offer you the best advice and recommendations on the way forward when faced with such a dilemma. You can also find Canon inkjet printer repairs advice and tips at

The power cord is another point of failure when it comes to the Canon inkjet and even laser printers. Start by turning off the power before you check the cords. Look out for any cuts or acute bends on the power cords. Twisted cords might break internally without showing any signs externally so you can make use of a continuity tester along with a multimeter in order to inspect signs of internal wire breaks. Look at the power sockets and check out for bent or broken power cords which might be hindering smooth power supply.

The inkjet printers are generally built with small sponges to soak up any excess ink that is on the machine’s print head. After some soaking, this sponge will inevitably fill with ink which will result in smudging. If this happens, replace the sponge with a piece of cotton wool to absorb the excess ink from the print heads. Carrying out this kind of replacement is generally a tough and messy job so you may consider contracting an experienced Canon printer repairs expert to assist you with the process.

Another problem that you are likely to grapple with in your inkjet printers are the paper jams. These usually show that there is some issue with the rollers. The roller rubber generally wears out over time and it will be unable to pick up and feed papers in the printer. When they become harder and smoother, they will be cause paper slippage and paper jams during printing. You can rub them gently using sandpaper or cotton buds which have been soaked in alcohol in order to give them a better grip.

If the bearings of the inkjet printers are not lubricated, you are likely to hear a squeaking sound during printing. Add some mineral oil on the ball bearings but take care not to apply too much oil. For more complex problems, it may be more economical to buy new printers. Check out for additional tips on Canon inkjet printer repairs and maintenance.