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Picking an Engagement Ring Worth its Weight in Moissanite

Buying an engagement ring is a big deal. It would be so bad if you had the perfect plan to pop the question and then fall short on the ring. When you are starting on wedding plans, first take the time to shop for a ring. The market is full of all type of rings that your head will spin trying to figure out which choice to make. One option you can look at is Moi Moi - moissanite engagement rings.

Moi Moi - moissanite engagement rings

Why to Go With Moissanite

Moissanite is a gemstone that makes rings. It is similar to diamond except it is very brilliant. It shines brightly, and when it catches the sun, it reflects in different colors. For strength quality, moissanite is midway between sapphire and diamond and it measures 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. If you are searching for a less expensive option for an engagement ring, then moissanite provides it. You get just as good quality for a ring without the hefty price tag.

The Ring Shape

One consideration that you always have to make when picking out a ring is its shape. The cut of the stone will determine the shape of the ring. You have to look at various elements when picking out a shape. For one, consider personal preferences. Ask yourself what she likes; is it a pear, heart, princess or a marquise cut? The setting will influence the shape of the ring. Find out what is the most suitable choice; from flush setting to a bezel setting. The  Moi Moi Fine Jewellery are available in different shapes. You have choices like Tilly, Lucia, Jean, Katie, Harriet and much more in the collection.

Which Metal to Go with

The metal on the ring will also matter. Silver and yellow gold are popular choices. However, you can choose to try something different with white or pink gold. There are other metal choices you can look at like platinum. Platinum is preferable because of its purity and durability. If you want to go high-end, then you can consider titanium. Besides durability, you should consider if the person wearing the ring is allergic to certain metals.

Getting the Right Fitting 

The fit will also matter, so you have to get the ring size right. Most people always make a mistake with the fitting. Getting the wrong-sized ring means that you would have to take it back for resizing. If you don’t intend to ask for the fit size of your better half, then you can find other ways to get it. Some online retailers will offer ring sizing kits for customers.

Know Where to Get Moissanite Engagement Rings

It is essential that you get your engagement ring from a reputable store. If you are looking for quality moissanite rings, the Moi Moi – moissanite engagement rings collection is one alternative you have. It is always better when you have various ring choices you can pick from. Don’t restrict yourself to a few standard ring styles.

When buying a moissanite engagement ring, know what you intend to spend. Prices will vary depending on several variables. The carat size of the gemstone will determine how much you pay for a ring. A titanium ring would also cost considerably more than a silver one. So, know the variables that matter.   For more details, please check out

How to Get the Danish Style Right in Your Home

People choose the Danish style of modern furniture if they want to bring out a clean and pure look in their house interiors. For many modern homeowners, these Scandinavian furniture styles are all the rage nowadays. They make for very cool as well as crisp looking home interiors which are filled with beautiful and clean modern wooden furniture. The Danish furniture online is typically made with monochromatic accents and where some splashes of color are included in the furniture design, it is generally muted.

Danish furniture online

Danish furniture online

The most distinctive feature of the modern Danish furniture is that it is very structured and in many cases, almost architectural in its attention to detail as well as purity in the design. The Danish furniture online is generally minimalist in look with very clean lines and will perfectly into the modern and spacious home interiors. The simplicity and elegance of the design mean that you do not have to grapple with much “noise” in the design or too much detail. If you are looking for simplicity or minimalist modern furniture, then the Danish furniture online will be an ideal option for you.

They generally include color along with plenty of cushions in order to provide for maximum comfort in the furniture design. Apart from the plenty of cushions, the modern Danish furniture typically goes with white curtains although there are many color choices that you can opt for depending on the furniture color that you prefer. An interior, that is furnished with modern Danish furniture is generally spacious and airy as the furniture pieces do not entail too much clutter.

Origins of the Danish Furniture

The origin of the iconic Danish gorgeous furniture pieces lies in the roaring twenties when many modern designers also began embracing the Bauhaus philosophy in design that puts a great emphasis on simplicity, beauty, and functionality. The expert Danish designers built modern furniture pieces that were simple, clean and pure and which were shaped around the human body in order to provide maximum comfort when someone sitting on them.

These pieces had such a massive impact on our tastes that many of the designs that were rolled out in the 50s and 60s are still in demand in the modern homes and are still being produced today. This is aided by the fact that the Danish designers and the craftsmen have a passion for good quality and good design. This makes the Danish pieces of top notch quality, a factor that contributes to their great desirability around the world.

With the Danish gorgeous furniture pieces, you will be able to get excellent quality furniture designs which are guaranteed to improve the quality of your life.

They can fit well in home interiors with white walls and white floors where they create a very clean and simple monochromatic look.  Where there is some “interruption” in this uniformity of the look, it is likely to be in the form of a muted color choice. You can buy Danish furniture online that are of the highest quality by visiting