Algarve – A perfect destination for fishing enthusiasts

If you and your family are fishing enthusiasts, perhaps the exhilarating beaches of Algarve, in Portugal, could be your ideal destination. In fact, Algarve is regarded as one of the best fishing beaches of Europe. The Algarve beach is known for its crystal-clear water, stunning natural beauty, entertaining weather, historic cities and several places of tourist interest. The beach is the perfect place for fishing, water sports and also for cruise boating. Apart from these, there are several hotels, which offer comfortable stay and also serve most delicious cuisines. The beach is visited by thousands of people from Europe and other parts of the world. If you are going on a fishing spree or wish to go boating or shark fishing or any other water sports activity, then you should Book water sports in the Algarve so that the facility is kept ready for you and your family.

Book water sports in the AlgarveOther important beaches:

Apart from Algarve, the other popular fishing destinations of Portugal are the beaches of Vilamoura. In fact, Vilamoura is regarded as one of the three corners of the Algarve Golden Triangle. This is yet another important fishing destination in Portugal, and this beach receives thousands of tourists throughout the year. Considering the number of tourists visiting this beach, it is again considered ideal that you book water sports in Vilamoura also.

The third and yet another corner of Golden triangle of Algarve is the coast of  Albufeira. Of course, this beach is not as populated as the other two beaches. But, the beach is known for its stunning natural beauty. In fact, if you want to know what are the best water sports in Albufeira, the answer would be every kind of water sports facility is available on this beach.

Now take a look at some of the best water sports and activities in the Algarve, Vilamoura and Albufeira.

·        Most of the boating facilities in these three popular beaches are made available by private agencies. These agencies ensure that the boats are in perfect working condition. They also give the highest regard to the safety of the passengers.

·        The beaches offer a variety of boats and in various models like, for example, Altomar, Sao Lourenco, Muts Knuts and various other models.  You will have a wonderful opportunity to Book water sports in the Algarve depending on your specific need, the number of persons in your group and so on.

·        Interestingly, the Golden triangle beaches, consisting of Algarve, Vilamoura and Albufeira, offer opportunities for variety of fishing and boating activities. For example, you have the option to take a speed boat, or you can go on Shark fishing or dolphin safari or embark on cave cruise. You can also go on family fishing activity or engage yourself in some of the exciting water sports activities. Alternatively, you can prefer general fishing activity. In short, you Book water sports in the Algarve depending on the type of water sports you prefer to enjoy.


The boats are fitted with various safety devices and other facilities available in the boats that include GPS radar, fish finder, VHF Wi fi, life racket and so on. The agencies also provide the services of an experienced driver, who would run the boat, and you can keep busy in your fishing activity.

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